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  • aller guten Dinge sind drei #proverb (Podcast S02E30)

    Like German snacks but don’t want to be rude? Just say “aller guten Dinge sind drei” before you take three! 😉 Listen and learn about this German proverb.

  • hinterlistig #vocab & Max & Moritz (Podcast S02E29)

    Learn German culture: The two protagonists of a best-selling children’s story are said to be "hinterlistig". Listen to this podcast to find out more!

  • Book review: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod #topic (Podcast S02E28)

    Want to learn German but don't have the time? Listen to this podcast to make a huge life change with one simple step, one morning at a time.

  • den Schwanz einziehen #idiom (Podcast S02E27)

    Don’t “tuck in your tail,” be brave! The best way to learn German is to learn words in context, so I'll teach you this German idiom with lots of examples.

  • Weltanschauung #vocab (Podcast S02E26)

    What does Weltanschauung mean and how is it pronounced? You'd be surprised how many people say it wrong! Listen to this podcast to improve your German.

  • Book review: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone #topic (Podcast S02E25)

    Success is your duty! At least that's what Grant Cardone says. Let's explore the interesting philosophy presented in The 10X Rule. Listen and learn German.

  • Feedback for AGL Radio wanted!

    Do you like AGL Radio? If yes, how much? Or should I just spend my time making others kinds of German learning materials that help you better?

  • 1st rap song by a white guy is a children's song??? | Song: Der Kommissar by Falco

    Is it true that the first rap song by a white guy is a children’s song? Well, maybe! In any case, Der Kommissar is a strange song. Listen to find out more.

  • Mozart – A Rock Star? | Song: Amadeus by Falco

    Was Mozart a rock star? Well, Falco seems to think so according to his song. Learn more about German culture with this episode about the two Austrians.

  • In the Mind of a Murderer | Song: Jeanny by Falco

    Some songs have really, really strange lyrics. One of those is the song Jeanny by the Austrian singer Falco. The narrator in the song is a murderer. Creepy!

This page is also available in: German