Personal Conversational Lessons with Mark

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If you are only looking for the very best, then you will love my coaching program! 🙂

You will not be alone with me as a supportive native speaker that helps you personally and boosts your confidence to speak German.

You will get

  • weekly one hour Skype sessions (or similar software)
  • full access to the Authentic German Learning Academy
  • detailed answers and helpful tips for all your questions and frustrations
  • we always talk about what you want to talk about
  • coaching on your most prominent speech errors
  • constructive and encouraging feedback
  • conversational lessons based on the natural approach of language learning
  • error correction for up to 1000 words per month
  • and much more!

For a limited time, I will offer all this to you for just 270 € a month, including weekly Skype sessions plus membership in the Academy, error correction etc.

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This page is also available in: German