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Welcome to the heart of German language learning!

At Authentic German Learning, we believe in the transformative power of community. Join our vibrant German learning community and become a part of a supportive network that propels your language skills to new heights. πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Unlock new horizons, connect with a rich culture, and embrace exciting opportunities as you embark on an exhilarating journey through the vibrant world of the German language.

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Capture the Power of Language

Language is more than words on a page; it’s the key that unlocks a treasure trove of experiences, connections, and opportunities.

Learning German is your gateway to a vibrant culture, rich history, and a world of professional prospects.

Pointing at germany on a globe

Mastering German empowers you to navigate new territories, make meaningful connections, and discover the enchanting melodies and influential contributions of the language.

Unleash Your Potential

Imagine the thrill of confidently conversing with native speakers, effortlessly expressing your thoughts, and immersing yourself in the captivating beauty of the German language.

People talking in german and laughing

Every step of your German learning adventure will deepen your understanding, broaden your horizons, and ignite your passion for this remarkable language.

From exploring picturesque landscapes to engaging in heartfelt conversations with locals, you’ll unleash your potential and embark on a journey of personal growth.

Connect, Learn, and Thrive: Discover German Learning Community Tiers! πŸš€

Choose the membership tier that aligns with your goals and immerse yourself in a community-driven approach to German language mastery:

Community Member: German WhatsApp Group Membership

For just 3€/week, you get:

  • Access to Our Active WhatsApp Group: Immerse yourself in lively discussions, regular language prompts, and interactive learning with fellow German enthusiasts.
  • Guided by Mark RΓΆsler: Your journey is led by Mark, a native German with extensive teaching experience, creating a rich tapestry of experiences.

Embark on a German learning adventure where you can:

  • Ask Any Question: Have a burning German language question? Ask away! πŸ’¬
  • Get Unstuck: Overcome challenges for a smooth learning experience. πŸš€
  • Stay Engaged: Look forward to regular posts that keep learning fun and everyone actively learning. πŸ˜ƒ

You will unlock:

  • Instant Feedback: Receive real-time feedback on your German language skills from both Mark and fellow learners.
  • Natural Learning Method: Embrace a fun and effective approach to language acquisition.
  • Interactive Learning: Dive into German through engaging discussions.
  • Community Support: Connect with passionate learners and accountability partners.

Get Access to the WhatsApp Group!

Academy Member: German WhatsApp Group Membership + Academy Access

For just 8€/week, you get:

  • Everything a Community Member gets, PLUS…
  • Unlimited Access to German Courses: Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of courses in the Authentic German Learning Academy, spanning culture, history, and language.
  • Comprehensive Learning Experience: Dive deep into German learning with curated courses designed to enhance your language skills.

Embark on a German learning adventure where you can:

  • Join our WhatsApp Community Adventure: Ask any question, overcome challenges for a smooth learning experience, and stay engaged with regular fun posts! πŸ’¬πŸš€πŸ˜ƒ
  • Deepen Your Understanding: Explore specialized courses that delve into the rich tapestry of German culture. πŸŽ“
  • Uncover Historical Insights: Dive into history courses that contextualize the German language within its cultural evolution. πŸ›οΈ
  • Language Mastery: Enhance your language skills through engaging lessons, exercises, and interactive content. πŸ—£οΈ
  • Tailored Learning Paths: Choose from a variety of courses that suit your interests and learning objectives. 🎯

In addition to real-time feedback, a natural learning approach, interactive discussions, and community support, you will unlock:

  • German For Beginners (A1) With Energy And Inspiration | Total Immersion From The Start!HTTPS courses german for beginners immersion person excited to start learning germanEmbark on a vibrant German language journey! Total immersion will make learning enjoyable and effective. Master basics in an hour, dive into daily life integration, and conquer mental overload. Join us for a language-learning experience beyond textbooks, embracing German confidently with joy – easy, exciting, just a click away! (18283 words - 4h22m13s audio)
  • How You Will Speak Fluent GermanHTTPS courses speak german fluently how you will speak fluent germanWith this course, you can save yourself many weeks, months or even years of frustration.

    The course consists of text and audio in small, digestible chunks so you can learn German while learning the mindset that will help you succeed in your German learning goals. (4013 words - 41m58s audio)

  • The Most Beautiful Places in Germany and Their SpecialitiesHTTPS courses most beautiful places altstadt hattingen (12094 words - 46m34s audio)
  • German History Part 1: In the Footsteps of the Germanic PeoplesHTTPS courses germanen friedrich tushaus schlacht zwischen germanen und romern am rhein 1876In this series you will learn a lot about German history. What challenges did the German people face? How has Germany succeeded in recovering and prospering even after the worst times? What are the most exciting moments in German history? (27223 words - 4h21m56s audio)
  • German Sentence Structure Made Easy!HTTPS courses german sentence structure writing letterpressIn this practical course, you will learn how to construct German sentences correctly. You will learn to formulate main clauses, questions, and subordinate clauses correctly. (5855 words - 1h10m21s audio)
  • Interactive Video LessonsHTTPS courses interactive videos excited children with computer (4304 words)

These courses consist of 71772 words and 11h23m2s audio – valuable, comprehensible input in small, digestible chunks!

Unlock Full Academy Access!

Coaching Student: German WhatsApp Group + Academy Access + Coaching Sessions

For just 70€/week, you get:

  • Everything a Academy Member gets, PLUS…
  • Weekly 1-Hour Personalized Coaching Sessions: Elevate your learning with exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions with Mark RΓΆsler.
  • Tailored Guidance and Support: Benefit from personalized guidance, essay corrections, and unique learning materials.

Embark on a German learning adventure where you can:

  • Participate in our WhatsApp Community: Ask questions, overcome challenges, and stay engaged with regular posts! πŸ’¬πŸš€πŸ˜ƒ
  • Elevate Your Learning Experience: Explore specialized courses, uncover historical insights, enhance language skills, and choose tailored learning paths! πŸŽ“πŸ›οΈπŸ—£οΈπŸŽ―
  • Experience Personalized Coaching: Dive into weekly 1-hour one-on-one sessions with Mark RΓΆsler, a native German teacher and founder of AGL, for personalized guidance and support. 🀝
  • Refine Your Writing Skills: Receive detailed essay feedback to enhance your writing. ✍️
  • Access Unique Learning Materials: Explore materials crafted for your language goals. πŸ“˜

In addition to real-time feedback, a natural learning approach, interactive discussions, and community support, and all the courses in the Academy, you will unlock:**

  • Personalized Coaching: Dive into weekly 1-hour one-on-one sessions with Mark RΓΆsler for tailored guidance and support. 🀝
  • Essay Corrections: Receive detailed feedback on your essays from a native German teacher to enhance your writing skills. ✍️
  • Tailored Learning Materials: Explore unique study materials crafted specifically for your language goals and needs. πŸ“˜

Elevate Your Learning Journey!

Altstadt hattingen
Deutschland umriss flagge
Schloss hohenzollern
Alberto arrighini

Can I say that I love you, [Mark]!? I’m so glad that you’re gonna help thousands of people learning German through this method of learning languages! I can’t wait to use everything you’ll create! THANK YOU!!!! πŸ˜ƒ

Gary strothmann testimonial

[Mark] is a really great instructor and inspiring person. He has helped me very much with my German and I find him to be a positive force in my life. [Mark] motivates and teaches German as well as acquiring a positive mindset.

Susanna testimonial

By chance, I found this nice way to learn German. One course after another, they have not created the interest and language acquisition as [Mark] in no time managed to do!

Simple, fun, every day a little company with his advice and - I swear! - in a couple of months, all the terms, rules and theories in my head became fluent spoken language!

It was hard to believe anyone can understand me, I can go to the bank, I can go to the accountant, to the teachers in my son’s school, to specialists and I can talk to the customers in the restaurant!!!

And what is even more, [Mark] taught me to not be afraid of making mistakes, but to smile and have a bit of self-irony: “MAN MUSS BEREIT SEIN, SICH ZUM AFFEN ZU MACHEN!” πŸ˜ƒ

Everything is likable, regardless of the context.

A thousand thanks, [Mark]! [Mark] needs to be supported; just the idea that he might stop is pulling “the ground under their feet” away! AGL – [MARK]! – there is no comparison. πŸ™‚

Benefits and Features: Unleash Your German Potential

At the Authentic German Learning Academy, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional learning experience that addresses common pain points and ensures your German learning journey is enjoyable, effective, and transformative.

Here are the key benefits and features that set us apart:

  • Natural Approach

    Our curriculum is built on the foundation of the natural approach, a proven methodology that promotes language acquisition through exposure to meaningful and understandable content.

    Immerse yourself in our online lessons, which include engaging texts, audio resources, interactive exercises, and captivating videos.

    This approach allows you to learn German naturally, making the language more accessible and enjoyable.

  • Engaging and Interactive Lessons

    Say goodbye to dull and monotonous lessons!

    Our experienced instructors have crafted engaging and interactive online lessons that make learning German a captivating adventure.

    Through a variety of multimedia resources, including videos, quizzes, and exercises, we ensure that every step of your learning journey is filled with excitement and motivation.

  • Comprehensive Learning Materials

    Unlock a treasure trove of learning materials and resources that complement your German learning experience.

    From comprehensive text and audio resources to interactive exercises and supplementary materials, we provide you with a rich collection of materials to deepen your understanding, reinforce your skills, and expand your knowledge of the German language and culture.

    With our carefully curated content, you’ll have the resources you need to practice and reinforce your German language skills.

  • Flexible Learning Experience

    We understand that everyone learns at their own pace, and that’s why our platform offers a flexible learning experience.

    You can access the online lessons and learning materials anytime, anywhere, allowing you to learn at a pace that suits your schedule and preferences.

    Take control of your learning journey and progress at your own speed.

  • Personalized Guidance

    We understand that every learner is unique, and that’s why we provide personalized guidance to cater to your specific needs and goals.

    You’ll receive individualized attention and support from our team of dedicated instructors and language experts.

    We’re here to guide you, offer feedback, and provide strategies to overcome challenges and maximize your learning potential.

  • Community Support

    Learning a language is more enjoyable and impactful when you have a supportive community to share your experiences with.

    Connect with fellow learners, share your progress, and find inspiration in the collective journey towards German language mastery.

    As our community continues to expand, you’ll have the opportunity to engage and learn from others who share your passion for German.

We believe that learning German should be an exciting and enriching adventure, and our benefits and features are designed with this vision in mind.

Join us at the Authentic German Learning Academy and experience a transformative learning journey that will unlock your German potential and open doors to new horizons.

Are you ready to join our vibrant German learning community? Take the first step and immerse yourself in the camaraderie of passionate learners. Choose your path and begin your German learning journey with us today!

Join Our Community

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that you may have some questions before you embark on your German learning journey with the Authentic German Learning Academy.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to provide you with the information you need:

How do I join the WhatsApp community?

Please let us know your WhatsApp number if you haven’t provided it during checkout.

We will add you to the WhatsApp community within 24 hours, usually less.

What level are the lessons suitable for?

Our lessons are designed to cater to learners of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced learners.

Whether you are starting from scratch or have already reached a certain proficiency level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), our courses provide valuable input and immersive experiences that enhance your German language skills.

We follow the comprehensible input method, which benefits learners at every stage of their language learning journey.

Beginners can start by reading the translations and inferring the meaning of words from the context, while advanced learners benefit from exposure to diverse topics and authentic German materials.

The online lessons will help you expand your vocabulary and practice your reading and listening skills.

The coaching sessions are especially valuable, as they are customized to meet the individual needs of each student.

Will the Authentic German Learning Academy help me pass a German exam?

Yes, the Authentic German Learning Academy can help you in preparing for German exams.

While our lessons are not specifically designed to “study to the test,” they focus on developing authentic German language skills that are essential for communication.

By gaining a deep understanding of the German language and practicing with our engaging materials, you will naturally improve your proficiency and increase your chances of success in German exams.

The personalized coaching sessions can also be utilized to address specific exam-related topics and receive guidance tailored to your exam preparation needs.

How do I schedule my sessions?

Scheduling sessions is quick and easy.

Once you become a member, we will provide you with a link to our online calendar where you can select convenient time slots for your sessions.

The calendar automatically adjusts to your time zone, making scheduling hassle-free.

What is your refund policy?

For the Academy Membership offer, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program within the first 30 days, simply reach out to our support team, and we will process your refund.

For the offers that include coaching sessions, we offer a refund before the second session. If you find that the program is not meeting your expectations after the first session, please let us know, and we will refund your payment.

What payment options are available?

We offer convenient payment options to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. You can make payment using a credit card through our payment processor, Stripe.

We also offer multiple region-specific payment options powered by Stripe.

If you prefer to use PayPal, please contact us, and we will provide you with the necessary details. For other payment options, please reach out to our support team, and we will work with you to find a suitable solution.

What materials will I have access to?

As a member of the Academy, you will have access to our online courses, which include a combination of text, audio resources, videos, quizzes, and exercises.

These materials are designed to provide comprehensible input and enhance your German learning experience.

While we do not provide physical textbooks, we offer a variety of online resources and files in PDF and MP3 format to support your language learning journey.

How will the Authentic German Learning Academy help me become fluent in German?

The Authentic German Learning Academy is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

Our engaging lessons, immersive courses, and personalized guidance are specifically crafted to enhance your language skills and boost your confidence in speaking German.

By practicing with authentic materials, receiving individualized feedback, and engaging in real-life conversations, you will develop the necessary skills to become fluent in German.

Are English translations available in the online lessons?

Yes, English translations are provided in the online lessons to support your comprehension and facilitate your learning journey.

The translations serve as a helpful reference, allowing you to understand the meaning of German texts and audio resources more easily.

This feature ensures that learners of all levels can engage with the materials and make progress at their own pace.

What sets the Authentic German Learning Academy apart from other language learning platforms?

The Authentic German Learning Academy stands out due to its unique approach and focus on providing comprehensible input.

Our courses are designed to mimic the way native speakers acquire language, enabling you to learn German in a natural and effective way.

Our engaging content, personalized guidance, and immersive experiences set us apart and ensure that your learning journey is enjoyable and productive.

Will I have access to future course updates and new releases?

Yes, as a member of the Authentic German Learning Academy, you will have access to all future course updates and new releases.

We are constantly working to expand our offerings and provide you with fresh and engaging content to further enrich your German learning experience. With us, you’ll never run out of exciting materials to explore and learn from.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

We are here to assist you and ensure that your German learning journey is a successful and rewarding one!

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Are you ready to join our German learning community?

Seize the opportunity to become part of the Authentic German Learning community and unlock a world of linguistic excitement, cultural exploration, and personal growth.

Choose your preferred package today and take the first step toward mastering the German language!

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Remember, fluency in German is within your reach. Whether you choose the dynamic experience of a WhatsApp group membership, dive into the tailored online lessons offered with your Academy Membership, or elevate your learning journey with the premium Academy Membership featuring personalized coaching sessions with Mark RΓΆsler, each path is a deliberate step toward success in your German language journey.

Join us as we embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the German language within the welcoming community of the Authentic German Learning Academy. We extend our arms to welcome you, offering not just thrilling experiences but a transformative approach to learning and experiencing German together.

Let’s set forth as a community and make this journey uniquely yours!

Begin your German learning adventure now and evolve into the confident German speaker you’ve always aspired to be.

Start Your Community Journey Today!

Your Success Is Guaranteed!

We are confident that the Authentic German Learning Academy will exceed your expectations and provide you with an exceptional learning experience.

That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your chosen package, simply let us know within 30 days (WhatsApp group, Academy offer) or before the second session (offer including coaching sessions), and we will refund your payment. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Join us and let’s achieve your German language goals together!

We are genuinely excited about the opportunity to guide you on your German learning journey.

Our dedicated team of language experts, native speakers, and instructors is committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Whether you’re aiming to improve your communication skills, expand your cultural knowledge, or advance your career prospects, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Start your German learning adventure today!

Don’t delay your progress any further.

Take the leap and start your German learning adventure now.

Embrace the thrill of acquiring a new language, immerse yourself in the vibrant German culture, and unlock a world of opportunities.

Authentic German Learning is here to make your language learning experience engaging, effective, and enjoyable.

Begin Your Journey Now!

Join us as we venture into the vibrant community of the German language.

Your linguistic transformation awaits, woven within the fabric of our supportive learning community!

Why Choose Authentic German Learning?

Choose your membership tier and unlock a world of possibilities!

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Are you ready to embark on an incredible language learning adventure? Sign up below to become a member of the Authentic German Learning community and unlock a world of possibilities for your German language journey.

Join us today and let us guide you on your path to German language mastery. The Authentic German Learning Academy is here to support you every step of the way.

With your membership, you not only gain access to our lively WhatsApp community but also become an integral part of a vibrant network of German language enthusiasts. Engage in lively discussions, receive instant feedback, and forge connections with fellow learners. It’s more than just access; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a supportive community dedicated to enhancing your German language journey.

But that’s not all. We also offer the option to enhance your learning journey with a comprehensive library of courses, carefully designed to provide an effective and enjoyable learning experience. Immerse yourself in engaging lessons, interactive exercises, and captivating content that will enhance your German language skills and deepen your cultural understanding.

In addition, personal, weekly, one-hour live sessions with a native German speaker are available as well. These sessions have proven to be invaluable for many students, boosting their confidence, speaking ability, and overall progress. You’ll receive personalized guidance, detailed answers to your questions, and helpful tips to improve your German skills.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your German learning to the next level. Choose your preferred membership option below to get started.

Join us today and let us guide you on your path to German language mastery. The Authentic German Learning Academy is here to support you every step of the way.

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