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Welcome to Authentic German Learning – where the journey to mastering the German language is made easy and enjoyable!

Explore our diverse range of German learning materials, including our most popular and feature-packed offering – the Authentic German Learning Academy. With numerous benefits and a proven track record, it’s the preferred choice for many German learners.

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Join the Elite German Learner’s Circle

Premium WhatsApp Group for German Learners

Unleash your German potential with our Premium WhatsApp Group – an exclusive space for passionate learners like you.

For just 3€/week, you get:

  • Access to Our Active WhatsApp Group: Immerse yourself in lively discussions, regular language prompts, and interactive learning with fellow German enthusiasts.
  • Guided by Mark Rösler: Your journey is led by Mark, a native German with extensive teaching experience, creating a rich tapestry of experiences.

Embark on a German learning adventure where you can:

  • Ask Any Question: Have a burning German language question? Ask away! 💬
  • Get Unstuck: Overcome challenges for a smooth learning experience. 🚀
  • Stay Engaged: Look forward to regular posts that keep learning fun and everyone actively learning. 😃

You will unlock:

  • Instant Feedback: Receive real-time feedback on your German language skills from both Mark and fellow learners.
  • Natural Learning Method: Embrace a fun and effective approach to language acquisition.
  • Interactive Learning: Dive into German through engaging discussions.
  • Community Support: Connect with passionate learners and accountability partners.

Discover a world of easy German learning in a community!

The Authentic German Learning Online Academy

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I want you to succeed in learning German. I believe you can do it, given the right method and learning materials.

That’s why I create the best online German courses in the form of web content, interactive video lessons, downloadable PDFs, and mp3s so that you can make progress every day.

They are all available to members of the Academy because I believe in simplicity: I want you to have access to everything you might need to succeed in exchange for a small, regular investment.

You shouldn’t have to waste time but instead have a system where you can take one German course after each other, each time having a better grasp of the language. You’ll have much fun and success learning German by always taking the course that interests you the most.

Bite-Sized Chunks in a Step-by-Step-System

There is a lot of material! However, you won’t get overwhelmed because each lesson is small and most can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

Since consistency is important for success, you can make sure to learn German every day by taking baby steps when you have little time – and giant leaps whenever you have more time to spend!

You can learn German online or download the materials to use with your mp3 player and favorite e-book reader.

In addition, you can join a community of people who are as serious about learning German as you are.

For just 1€ a day, you get

  • Online German courses including
    • Interactive video lessons (all in one course and as part of other courses)
    • Course: German sentence structure made easy!
    • Course: The Most Beautiful Places in Germany
    • Course: German History Part 1: Following the traces of the Germanic Peoples
    • Course: How you will speak fluent German
  • Audio files (mp3) for all courses above
  • Ebook files (PDF, ePub, Mobi) for some of the above courses (soon for all)
  • Membership of the Premium WhatsApp Group for German Learners
  • Additional premium E-Mails
  • Future courses that are added over time based on your suggestions

You can cancel this subscription anytime in your customer account and you will keep all your downloads.

For just 1€ a day, access a wealth of knowledge and become fluent at your own pace.

Personal Conversational Lessons With Mark

Ein glucklicher deutschlehrer

Elevate your German conversation skills with personalized coaching!

You will not be alone with me as a supportive native speaker that helps you personally and boosts your confidence to speak German.

For just 70€ a week, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly Skype Sessions: One-on-one conversations tailored to your goals.
  • Full Academy Access: Dive deep into interactive courses and materials.
  • Premium WhatsApp Group Membership: Connect with fellow learners.

Experience personalized guidance with:

  • Tailored Conversations: We discuss topics that matter to you, ensuring a relevant and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Detailed Answers and Tips: Receive in-depth insights to overcome language challenges.
  • Coaching on Speech Errors: Enhance your pronunciation and language expression.
  • Constructive Feedback: Enhance your language skills with positive critiques.
  • Natural Approach Conversations: Learn through authentic, engaging discussions.
  • Error Correction for Your Essays: Hone your writing skills by submitting essays on topics you choose. I’ll provide detailed feedback and corrections, refining your German language expression and written proficiency.
  • And Much More: Unlock a wealth of resources for comprehensive improvement.

Embark on a personalized language journey, accelerating your path to German fluency with tailored lessons and comprehensive support.

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Unlock Knowledge: German Learning Files Available for Download

Learn German Grammar With Humor: The Awful German Language (Ebook + Audiobook)

Flag germany happy emoji

German grammar can seem very difficult, I get it. I don’t want you to struggle with it anymore. How about we just laugh about German grammar?

Because you see, it’s not as hard as you might think. It only seems that way if you try to learn it the traditional way, by memorizing everything.

Instead, I teach it to you through the natural approach, with humor, vivid illustrations, and easily understandable explanations.

This e-book and audiobook package is for you if you are frustrated with German grammar and want a better way of learning it. And if you love German grammar, this book will make you like it even more! 😉

Portrait of mark twain by james carroll beckwith

The Humor of Mark Twain… and Much More!

Maybe you recognized the title “The Awful German Language” and think to yourself – isn’t that the title of an essay by Mark Twain? You’d be right!

The book is based on an essay by Mark Twain which I translated, corrected, updated, enhanced and commented upon. This way, you learn German with the humor of one of the best and most famous humorists.

So this book will not only help you to learn German in a natural, authentic way but will also make you laugh!

Mark Twain touched on various interesting features of the German language. Each time, I let you know what exactly he is talking about and explain it thoroughly so the German grammar is not a mystery to you anymore. This way, you’ll learn a lot, and in a very entertaining way.

The e-book and the audiobook are each just 15€, but I’ll give you both for 5€ off!

Note also the Academy Welcome Bundle below which gives you a further discount if you purchase the ebook, audiobook and a subscription to the Academy together.

If you’d like to buy each items separately, you can do so here:

The Academy Welcome Bundle

A welcome mat at a dock representing us welcoming new german learners

This amazing bundle is for those who can’t decide between joining the Academy and getting the audiobook and ebook mentioned above. Why not get both?

Since the book is a whopping 50 % off, you basically get either the ebook or audiobook for free!

The Academy Welcome Bundle consists of:

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Finally, I am always very grateful for your donations, no matter how big or small.

On the donation page, you can choose exactly how much. How about buying me one or two coffees each month?

It’s also up to you whether you want to donate monthly or just one time. If you donate monthly, that would help me a lot with my financial planning.

Thank you in advance!

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