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Hi, I’m Mark. I’ve dedicated my life to helping German learners like you. My goal is to make learning German as interesting for you as possible.

No matter if you are a complete beginner or already advanced: Let’s get you started learning German with the natural method.

Learning German With the Natural Method

What is the natural method, you might ask? Well, it’s a scientifically proven method with which you can learn German easily. It’s a lot of fun!

Learning a second language is really not that different than learning a first language, i.e. how a baby learns its mother’s tongue. You can acquire a lot of it by simply listening to and reading comprehensible input.

That’s what the linguist Prof. Stephen Krashen found out. He said:

The best methods are therefore those that supply ‘comprehensible input’ in low anxiety situations, containing messages that students really want to hear.
Prof. Stephen Krashen
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Here at Authentic German Learning, we combine personal development with learning German, we learn German with humor, stories, and inspiring insights. That is our unique way to apply that quote to German learning!

The great thing about the natural method is that you just need to read and listen. As long as the content is comprehensible, you automatically acquire the language.

Cultivating the Right Mindset


Besides choosing the right method, another important aspect of learning German is to learn with the right mindset.

Contrary to popular opinion, German is not difficult and it does not take that long to learn. In fact, while learning German, you can have the best time of your life! That’s why I always want to show you the beauty and ease of the German language.

You can actively improve your life in other ways as well! Therefore, it is my goal to help you achieve just that when I share my personal insights regarding personal development.

Commitment, patience, and a positive outlook are all essential to achieve success, especially when learning German online. I know, sometimes it’s not easy. But that’s why I created the Authentic German Learning community and constantly aim to inspire.

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This page is also available in: German